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The Wash Line brings our processing capabilities to over 2 million pounds per month. 

The Wash Line will wash detergent, soda, oil, food, paper labels and other non-toxic substances from the plastic.  However, we do not accept hazardous or chemically treated material.

For pre-ground material our turnaround time is usually within 2 weeks.  For material requiring grinding first, we can usually process a load in less than 21 days.  Pricing and turnaround varies based on freight rates, the type of material, volume, and the level of contamination. Our inventory system will track your material from arrival to departure.

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Recovering products that have been used for their intended purpose.

Recovering scrap, surplus, and obsolete items.

Toll Grinding
Grinding services for plastics manufacturers.

Toll Washing
Removal of paper labels, residual product and other contaminents.

Site Cleanup
Evaluation and disposition of abandoned and surplus materials.

Marketing Services
Buying and selling of raw materials through our network.

Guaranteed Destruction
All proprietary items will be shredded at our facility

WE NEED: consumer and post industrial plastics of all kinds.  Our primary focus has been

  • HDPE
  • LDPE
  • PP
  • HIPS

We can process plastics in just about any form including parts, purges and dirty regrind.  Contact us to discuss your material



...access to a wide variety of prime, off-grade, wide spec, and reprocessed materials.  These materials include all grades of

  • LDPE
  • MDPE
  • HDPE
  • Homo PP
  • Coplymer PP
  • Crystal PS
  • High Impact PS 

These resins are available in bulk railcar, bulk truck, or packaged in boxes according to your preferences. 

With a well established network developed over 20 years, we can locate the right material to meet your needs.



...a good price for your material and a business partner you can trust.


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